Cryptocurrency Resources

Here are some essential resources to help you on your journey. Nothing here constitutes financial advice, that is your responsibility. These are just resources that have helped me, that I am happy to share with you. Never forget to do your own research.

Before you do anything, read Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper on Bitcoin. It is an 8 page eye opener, the basis of Bitcoin, blockchain and all digital assets. Then go to the Nakamoto Institute to read more from Satoshi.


Interested in trading? The simplest way (for small amounts) is to buy some cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. From there many people move to trading more assets on Binance or some of the other exchanges below. Remember to do your own research as none of this constitutes financial advice.

It is not considered ‘best practice’ to keep large amounts on Exchanges where your funds could potentially be at risk. This is where cold wallets come in or Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets.

Coin Market Cap

This is the number 1 resource for coins/tokens. All pricing, market cap, volume, trending and coin/token specific information can be found here.

Crypto Descriptor

I love this site. Someone is shilling a coin/token and you want to find out what it actually is, what sector it is in and what they are trying to do. A quick check here will give you the details.

Recommended free online reading resource - ‘Reminiscences of a stock operator’ by Jesse Lauriston Livermore

Cryptocurrency Calendar

What's in the pipeline for your coin/token? What announcements, forks, exchange listings are coming. It's important to know what is happening as this can obviously impact price movement. Here are the answers, evidence based and community driven - should eradicate fake news?

Trading view - technical analysis for major digital assets

This is the go-to TA resource. The free version can get you started.

Recommended book - The Altcoin Trader’s Handbook - Nik Patel. Nik’s website is also worth a visit as he posts market outlooks and in-depth coin reports.

Coin Signals- chart any alt coin

Do you want to chart your alt coin? This takes data from Coin Market Cap and pushes it through Trading View, enabling you to chart any alt asset. Useful, very useful. Created by coin_signals.

Buy Markets percentage - Crypto Trend Resource

This is a 3 year trend resource and a little gem of a resource. Bullish trends tend to start under 10%. The recent low was April 1st at 7.14% when BTC was trading closed at $6813. Useful to keep an eye open for swing trades.

Github commits

Are the developers still working on your crypto asset? How many developers have they got and how many commits? A useful site to search by coin/token.

Binance volume monitor

An interesting tool that alerts you to volume increases on Binance. It checks every minute with an hourly reset. Created by CryptoZyzz.

All time highs

Ever wondered how far from a crypto asset’s ATH we are? Wonder no longer, it makes interesting reading.

The Block

A great crypto news website. Breaking the biggest stories, well worth a daily check.